Acupuncture is the usage of super thin needles that insert the body and targets certain areas in the body to provide good circulation and energy among stagnated areas in the body.

In simple terms, our body is like driving on the highway. If the driving conditions are perfect and without traffic or accidents, driving on the highway is an enjoyable activity. We all love traveling from one place to another but can you imagine if we never had LA traffic? It would save us a whole lot of time! However, if there is traffic or an accident, it takes a very long time to get from point A to point B. It can really stir up your nerves. In the same way, acupuncture provides the same benefits as driving on the highway with all those perks, no traffic or accidents.

When your body is circulating well then of course there will be no blockage or pain. All your bodily functions are working properly and there is no room for pain. However, just like traffic or an accident, if your body is not circulating well, the blood and other body fluids will not be able to freely go from point A to point B and insinuate pain.

With acupuncture, it helps the organs, muscles, bodily fluids, and blood in our body to flow freely without blockage. It also provides the body with more than enough fuel (energy) to keeping your body running without breaking down.



There are numerous benefits to acupuncture. First of all, it is less costly than visiting a hospital or doctor’s office. It has no side effects because it is completely natural and in essence, better for the body than continuous intake of chemical drugs. Ailments that western medicine cannot treat are treated with Acupuncture. It is effective because Oriental Medicine is all about finding the root to the disease whereas Western medicine just sees the problem itself and doesn’t take into consideration previous medical history. Because every Acupuncture treatment plan is tailored to each individual, a more accurate diagnosis can be found. Therefore, there is no way but for acupuncture to be effective.



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