“I was having problems with my legs and was barely getting by. I’m an athlete so it is essential for me to have my legs working up to speed, but my legs always seemed to feel weak. I am 6’0 and had always eaten healthy but after working myself to the bone, never realized that my body was getting weak and my legs were suffering. I heard that acupuncture works great for joint problems so I decided to get some acupuncture. After meeting Dr. Oh, I’ve decided to at least visit him 10 times in a year to get regular checkups and acupuncture treatments. I’ve also gotten herbs from him before and it is superb! It really helped me a lot. I’ve become a lot stronger, I can feel it!” R.Johnson


“I’m a senior in high school and I got a bee sting for the first time recently. I immediately went to see Dr. Oh, someone I consider as being my primary care physician, and he immediately  treated me when he saw me. I was swelling up, had difficult breathing, and there were rashes, big puffy rashes, all over my face. He treated me and miraculously, I was able to get my breathing pattern back and was then transferred to my local hospital to get a complete check up. Dr. Oh saved my life!”E.Kim



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